About the Conference

History of the Conference:group
GURP is a day-long conference that fosters development of new researchers. Historically, presenters have been undergraduate, post baccalaureate, and high school students from the southeast. In 2012, we began inviting junior graduate students (within the first two years of study) to submit abstracts in order to give graduate students a venue for their first conference presentations and give undergraduate students an opportunity to network with graduate students to learn more about graduate school.

GURP 2017:
During GURP 2017, we welcomed approximately 170 attendees from 15 colleges and universities in four states. We are pleased to report that students delivered 9 oral and 46 poster presentations at that conference.

GURP 2017 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

First Place
Examining the Predictive Relationship between Demographic Variables, Stalking Myth Endorsement, and Stalking Perpetration
Authors: Amber Wallace, Brenda Almaras, Lacie Yauslin, Abrian Poole, Corinne McNamara, and Dorothy Marsil
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Corinne McNamara
Affiliation: Kennesaw State University

Second Place
The Role of Sex in Test Anxiety and Emotion Regulation
Authors: Rebekah Fallin, Luana Scienza, Bethany Wyman, Nhat Nguyen, Jesse Edmond, Jasmine Williams, Tiana Britton, Jamie Miller, Sharon Pearcey, V. Doreen Wagner, and Ebony Glover
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ebony Glover
Affiliation: Kennesaw State University

Third Place
The Impact of Expertise-Related Cross-Modal Associations on the Vividness of Auditory Imagery 
Authors: Cody A. Mashburn and Amy L. Boggan
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Amy L. Boggan
Affiliation: Young Harris College

Poster Presentations 

First Place
Pledging to the Flag: Factors that Influence Identification and Attitudes
Authors: Kendra Tamaklo and Deb Acorn
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Jonathan Bassett and Dr. Deb Acorn
Affiliation: Lander University

Second Place
The Relationship Between Childhood Trauma Exposure and Fear-Potentiated Startle 
Authors: Cheyenne Ashley, Ebony Glover, Luana Scienza, Bethany Wyman, Jesse Edmond, Jasmine Williams, Rebekah Fallin, Tiana Britton, and Jamie Miller
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ebony Glover
Affiliation: Kennesaw State University

Third Place
Developmental Trajectory of Vocal Affect in Children At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder 
Authors: Margaret Jensen, Sidni Vaughn, and Jenny Singleton
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Singleton
Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology