GURP has been cancelled for 2022. Please check back in fall 2022 for information about GURP 2023.  


18th Annual GURP Conference
Kennesaw State University
June 12, 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in GURP 2020 online. 

Click here to download the program.

Congratulations to the best paper and poster presentation winners!

Best Paper Presentations

1st Place:
“You Come Into my House”: Understanding Negativity Toward Immigrants who Criticize the U.S.
Authors:                Kaelyn Ireland and Katherine White
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Katherine White
Affiliation:             Kennesaw State University

2nd Place: (Two-way tie)
What’s This GroupMe Thing? Instructor Perceptions and Experiences
Authors:               Naomi Katz and Mary Jones
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jennifer Willard
Affiliation:            Kennesaw State University

Relationships Among Negative Religious Coping, Self-Blame, and Importance of Religion in Response to Potentially Traumatic Life Events
Authors:               Autumn Wofford, Skyler Aldrich, Cassidy Pridemore, B. Davis, and Shana Southard-Dobbs
Faculty Sponsor:   Dr. Shana Southard-Dobbs
Affiliation:              Lander University

3rd Place:
Increasing Receptivity to Interracial Criticism and Motivations to Change Behaviors
Authors:               Logan Turner, Kaelyn Ireland, and Katherine White
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Katherine White
Affiliation:             Kennesaw State University


Best Poster Presentations

1st Place:
Assessing the Effect of an Intervention Involving Relevance-Based Reading Instructions
Authors:               Christopher Dollinger, Jack Arbuckle, and Ordene Edwards
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Ordene Edwards
Affiliation:             Kennesaw State University

2nd Place:
Impact of Human Presence and Visual Access on Barking Behaviors in Shelter Dogs
Authors:               Emily Dowling, Jessie A. Catchpole, Christina M. Walthers, Madison J. Pattillo, and Allison L. Martin
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Allison Martin
Affiliation:             Kennesaw State University

3rd Place: (Four-way tie)
Student Anxiety Surrounding Mass Shootings
Authors:               Patrick Kielly, Angel Jaimes, Chris Gold, Madison Wilcox, Camari Stanley, Zach Peagler, Bailey St. Germain, Philip Williams-Jones, and Nick Cotter
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Amy Buddie
Affiliation:            Kennesaw State University

Are We Done Yet? An Investigation of Task Disengagement in the Emoback Paradigm
Author:                 Kyle Kohlheyer
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Tim Martin
Affiliation:             Kennesaw State University

Children’s Positive Empathy, Prosocial Behaviors, and Emotion Reactivity Predict their Emotion Learning from Parent-Child Interactions
Authors:               Cynthia Dominguez, Warda Abdi, Chloe Ford, Arden Cooper, and Erin Christine Tully
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Erin Christine Tully
Affiliation:            Georgia State University

Expectation of Sex Education Curriculums from the Adult Population
Authors:               Melanie Prater and Christi Hu
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Christi Hu
Affiliation:            LaGrange College




Purpose of GURP:
The GURP conference offers a great outlet for newly engaged social scientists in the southeastern United States to present their research in a professional setting and provides students an opportunity to develop professional skills, learn about research at regional colleges and universities, and connect with students and faculty who share an interest in research.


Who Should Attend:
High school, undergraduate, recent post baccalaureate, and early (within the first two years of study) graduate students are eligible to submit abstracts. We invite anyone interested in learning more about research and gaining conference experience to attend.


Conference Highlights:

  • Poster and paper presentations
  • Keynote speakers
  • Graduate school panel
  • Prizes for best poster and paper presentations


The Department of Psychological Science at Kennesaw State University.