18th Annual GURP Conference
Kennesaw State University
June 12, 2020

GURP 2020 is online. Click here to download the program.

You may access our virtual symposium at http://symposium.foragerone.com/ and select Georgia Undergraduate Research in Psychology Conference in the dropdown menu to easily view the content as well as offer your feedback and insights. You can find specific presentations by using the search bar. To access the symposium, you will need to sign up using your institutional email. If you are unable to access it through the above weblink, use the following link (https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/da7d08651ee1418eaa3e7eb80b1a99d7)to join GURP Live!


  • Monday, June 8:
    • Information regarding how to access presentations will be emailed to first authors and faculty sponsors  
  • Tuesday, June 9 - Thursday, June 11:
    • Presentations available for viewing and judging
    • Keynote speakers' presentations available for viewing
    • Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and make comments about presentations
    • Note: Presentations will remain available for viewing after June 12
  • Friday, June 12: Synchronous, online component
    • 10:00am-10:05am Opening Remarks
    • 10:05am-11:20am Graduate school panel
    • 11:20am-12:05pm Keynote Presenters Q&A sessions
    • 12:05pm-12:15pm Awards for best papers and posters announced
  • We invite all who are interested to attend. There is no registration fee this year. 





Purpose of GURP:
The GURP conference offers a great outlet for newly engaged social scientists in the southeastern United States to present their research in a professional setting and provides students an opportunity to develop professional skills, learn about research at regional colleges and universities, and connect with students and faculty who share an interest in research.


Who Should Attend:
High school, undergraduate, recent post baccalaureate, and early (within the first two years of study) graduate students are eligible to submit abstracts. We invite anyone interested in learning more about research and gaining conference experience to attend.


Conference Highlights:

  • Poster and paper presentations
  • Keynote speakers
  • Graduate school panel
  • Prizes for best poster and paper presentations


The Department of Psychological Science at Kennesaw State University.